Carolside Sports Hall


Question: Why does the school need a new hall?

Answer: The gym hall is 60 years old and is the size of a single badminton court. The school roll is over 700. At present we have cramped conditions for a whole class to have PE in the gym hall, and restrictions on which sports can be played. We are unable to have whole school assemblies. There are poor acoustics which is particularly difficult for children with additional needs. We need a multifunctional space allowing a full class to actively participate in a lesson.

Question: Why does the community need a new hall?

Answer: Carolside Sports Club and other local sports clubs are constantly seeking suitable facilities to meet demand for extra curricular sport. At present local facilities are unable to satisfy demand.

Question: Why do we need to fundraise? Is this not the responsibility of local and central government?

Answer: There is no short term or medium term plan by ERC to provide improved sports hall facilities at Carolside. Ideally our charity will inspire ERC to provide funding.

Question: We already support PTA Events. Why should we support another cause?

Answer: Support for the PTA must come first. The PTA provide revenue fund-raising for Carolside School and do a wonderful job. We are trying to establish what is effectively a building fund. If you can only support one cause then it should be the PTA.

Question: My child is in primary 5. What chance is there that they will benefit from this project? What timescales have you set?

Answer: Carolside Sports Hall Foundation is a long term project. Although your child is unlikely to benefit during school hours, they will have the opportunity to use it outwith school hours.

We have set a timescale for initial fundraising and we have decided to review our position at June 2013. If the project has not been a success then we have constituted in such a way that we can only distribute any funds to either Carolside PTA or Carolside Sports club. Hopefully this should give parents the comfort that whatever happens their fundraising will benefit the community.

Question: How can I get involved?

Answer: Email