Carolside Sports Hall

Who We Are

We are a group of Clarkston parents with children from Nursery - P7 who are passionate about improving sporting facilities within our local community.


The 2008/09 Parent Council of Carolside Primary School formed a sports sub-committee which looked at sports provision within the school.

A survey was commissioned and the feedback highlighted a demand from children and parents for a number of extra-curricular sports. The main desire was for football.

Carolside Primary School Sports Club was formed in June 2009 by a number of parents from the original sports sub-committee and some new volunteer parents. The club has grown in size in the last couple of years. Sunday afternoon training at Williamwood High now attracts over 100 children and we have 10 teams now playing in ERSDA leagues.

The Sports Club reported back to the Parent Council of 2009/2010 that the facilities at Carolside Primary (one badminton court for 700 pupils) are inadequate. The Parent Council supported our concerns. ERC discussed some options for extending the gym hall with the Parent Council lead by David Coyne (vice-chair). However it quickly became apparent that there were no funds.

As a result, we have formed

Carolside Sports Hall Foundation

Section 5 of our constitution states:

Membership shall be open to all parents who have a child at Carolside Primary, teachers at Carolside Primary and local elected politicians.

We would actively encourage you to join our charity and have your say in what the charity does.

Membership doesn’t come at a cost or with many rights or responsibilities. It is simply a list of people who support some or all of what we are doing. Please email if you would like to be added to the list.

Founder Members


Corporate and Community Supporters